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Color experiment #2
September, 2014


no worries team it is just over a month till my birthday on the thirteenth of november just a subtle quiet reminder about my birthday which is a thing happening soon on the thirteenth of november


alright daddy, I guess I’ll have one more cummy. for the road

welcome to my fucked up mind


feel like eating a noodle

do u feel as if people who use tumblr are less mature in some aspects of a personality? specifically in comparison to someone who does not use tumblr/twitter/any other platform in which they can 'freely' express how they are feeling at that exact moment.


no. I am so smart and besutiful. be gone

say my name baby.



my dream is my family goes away for a very long time and sends cash money via envelope so i can buy fast food which moana feeds to me while im asleep which is 24/7 because im never waking up

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ILOVEMAKONNEN (Feat. Drake) - Tuesday
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this version is shit